video exhibit #7 paris october 2011

Title -  We are not young and immortal anymore

Year  -  2011

Length  -  2’

October 18th=>25th, 2011  -  10am=>7pm  -  At Gallery Good Friday (Paris 4 - Pont-Marie)

I was offered to make a video and display it at a gallery exhibition with other artists. 
"We were young and immortal," the name of the exhibit, resonated with me during my work with it, prompting me to respond to this idea and how I felt about it.

It made me think about how being a 32 year-old woman doesn’t feel like being young and immortal like I did when I was 19. Today I think differently than when I was younger, for example I make more definite choices and concentrate more energy on my works and their realization.

In fact, I’ve been thinking about how short life is, of how close the possibility of death is to me as I reached my 30’s.

What if we were immortal? Would there be any pressure for us to achieve our dreams? Would we even attempt to respond to that mischievous little voice in all of our heads that asks, “What are you waiting for?” Is death that which spurs us to overcome ourselves?

With this video, I wanted to create a dialgue with the people in the gallery through this question. I also wanted the form of the video to be open enough for various interpretations and responses from the onlooker’s present state of mind. Would they laugh at the silliness of the video by making them wait until a questions appears slowly from behind a cloud? Would they feel touched, surprised, or even threatened by this question?

It was the first time, although not the last, that I enjoyed creating a piece that openly asks an existential question, but which also laughs at itself at the same time.